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Prowin Tools Professional Spray Equipment

PROWIN TOOLS have made air tools for over 20 years. Their range of professional spray guns are designed to perform in commercial environments, consistently delivering high-quality results and long service life. All Prowin Spray Guns are backed by a full range of spare parts, accessories and nozzles sets.

Prowin professional spray guns are designed to deliver exceptional atomisation performance and spray pattern control. All guns feature chrome, nickel plating or anodised bodies, which offer excellent solvent and corrosion resistance, even with water based paints. Nozzle and Needles are precisely machined from high-grade Stainless Steel for superb performance & durability.

  • Air Brush
  • Mini Gravity Feed Spray Guns
  • Suction & Gravity Feed Spray Guns
  • HVLP Suction & Gravity Feed Spray Guns
  • Pressure Feed Spray Gun Systems


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