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SPAX Timber to Steel Decking/Wall Screws

Spax Timber to Steel Outdoor Screws

The SPAX Timber-to-Steel Screw for board thicknesses of 16 – 22 mmm and 35 – 50 mm.
It is ideal for fastening fencing, screening, decking* or fibre cement board to steel joists.

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The screws are Delta Seal coated.

Delta-seal is a zinc flake coating system. The system comprises an electroplated base layer and a Delta-seal topcoat which provides highly effective anti-corrosion. In tests carried out with neutral salt spray, Delta-seal compared with standard galvanized screws offered more than twice the corrosion resistance. In test compared with zinc yellow electroplated, Delta-seal offered more than 10 times higher corrosion resistance.
• Withstands ACQ, CCA, and LOSP timber treatments.
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Particularly suitable for multiple screw fixing

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