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General Data

BSCY thread data

Across the flats dimensions of hex headed bolts

Torque wrench settings for British Standard bolts

Schrader tyre valve data

Calculate tapping drill size

Wire and Letter drill conversions


circa 1974 Girling Motorcycle Rear Absorber Listing  

2021 Lucas Classic Motorcycle Genuine Parts (includes Girling Brake & Shock Absorbers)

JIS Information

Pre 1967 JIS Pan Head Standard

1967 Japan alters JIS standards - Honda Service Bulletin 27 - Change of Threaded Parts 6/8/67

1996 JIS B1111 for Cross Recess Screws

Circa 2020 JIS Pan Head Standard

Lucas Electrical

2021 Lucas Classic Motorcycle Genuine Parts (includes Girling Brake & Shock Absorbers)

Workshop Instructions - 1953 Lucas Dynamos E3L E3LM E3N

Workshop Instructions - 1953 Remagnetisation of Magnetos, Sec D-6, Issue 2

Workshop Instructions - 1953 Motor Cycle Magdynos Models MO1L and MN2L

Workshop Instructions - 1953 Motor Cycle Magnetos N1, KN1, K1F, K2F, KVF, Sec L-5, Pt A

Workshop Instructions - 1954 Motor Cycle Generator C35SD, Sec L-2, Pt C

Workshop Instructions - 1959 Re-designed Ring Cam Contact Breaker

Workshop Instructions - 1961 Electric Windtone Horns Model 9H

Workshop Instructions - 1963 Flywheel Magnetos Models 13F2, 14F2 and 11AF

Workshop Instructions - xxxx Magnetos SR1, SR2 and SR4

Lucas Magneto Parts List

1950 Lucas Equipment & Spares Motorcycles Magnetos & MagDynos

MO Series Magneto Exploded Diagram

1936-57 Lucas Equipment & Spare Parts for Motorcycles

Pride Classic Bulbs Catalogue - contains useful information about various bulbs


Thread Identification

How to identify threads

Thread charts

tpi / pitch conversion

Wood & Self Tapping Screws

Pilot hole sizes for wood and self tapping screws

Screw gauge to mm/inches

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