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Wire Thread Insert Systems


Wire thread insert systems are great for repairing stripped threads. They can be used in all sorts of materials including plastics and aluminium.

We sell Bordo's PowerCoil & ProThread kits and parts.

PowerCoil is for industrial use and covers a full range of diameters and pitch.  All STI taps included in PowerCoil kits are HSS.  ProThread is suited to the automotive aftermarket, and covers only a limited range of diameters and pitch. STI taps in ProThread kits are carbon (chrome alloy) steel.  For reference a carbon steel tap has 1/10 the life of an HSS tap.

Listed is only a small part of the range available to us. If what you need is not listed then give us a call or send an email and we will endevour to help.

Further information can be found at & ProThread

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