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Countersunk Stainless

Our stainless steel screws from SPAX and all manufactured in Germany. They are some of the best stainless fasteners in the world.  Features include:

  • SPAX 4CUT point: makes screws self-drilling (wood dependent)
  • SPAX ground serrations: up to the point – reduces changes of splitting timber, even close to the edge
  • SPAX T-STAR plus: no cam-outs, no snapped heads
  • Countersunk head with milling ribs: countersinks flush. Mills into wood, stops on metal

Available in both partial thread and full thread and in lengths from 16mm – 160mm, the Spax range are the perfect stainless steel wood screws for any outdoor job.

All screw widths are in metric measurements, ie. 5mm = 10g guage