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Flat Head

Copper Square Shank Boat Nails

Flat Head

Used for wooden boat building and repair. Can be either clenched (bent over) or used with a rove.

Timber should be pre-drilled to just smaller than the across the flats diameter of the nail. The nail is tapped in with the flat side of the nail running with the timber grain.

When used in conjunction with a rove, the nail is tapped through the pre-drilled hole in the timber. A "buck" (e.g. club hammer) is held against the nail head while the rove is tapped onto the nail from the reverse side using a special rove setting tool (or a piece of timber dowel with a clearance hole for the nail drilled in the end) until the wood joint is firmly clamped. Note: 3 hands can be helpful here. Now nip off the end of the nail leaving about the diameter of the nail protruding through the rove. Once again hold the "buck" against the nail head and using the flat face of a ball peen hammer, hit the cut end of the nail firmly to expand the nail onto the rove. Then turning the ball-peen hammer around to the ball end and mushroom over the edges of the nail to lock down the rove and leave a neat appearance.