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E Type Circlip

DIN 6799

Circlips Overview

Conforms to DIN 6799, the most common form of radially fitted circlip to shafts with grooves. Nominal size is the groove diameter (not the shaft diameter), available in sizes from 1.2mm to 24.0mm grooves. Circlip pliers are not required for installation.

When it comes to ordering E Clips it can be difficult to know exactly which size to order, so here is some information on how to measure the correct size.

Metric E Clips (D1500 / DIN6799) are always listed by the groove size they’re fitting in to on the shaft. For example if you have a 5mm groove on your shaft, you will need to order a 5mm E Clip, this should then fit a shaft size of between 6mm – 8mm. Alternatively if you know the shaft size then we can also identify which E Clip you need.

Imperial E Clips (N1500) on the other hand, are always measured by Shaft size. For example if you have a 5/32″ shaft you will need a 5/32″ E Clip.